What was the amazing sculpture I remember from 22 years ago in Sevilla?
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In 1993 I traveled around Spain as a student, and am kicking myself for not taking a picture of an amazing statue I saw two or three times fleetingly from the tour bus in Sevilla. Feels like a long shot, because I've searched for images of it online many times and keep coming up empty. Can you help me identify and locate it?

Details I am reasonably sure of:
• The larger-than-life-size stone statue depicts four women, standing closely, with their backs to each other.
• The women look bold and powerful.
• The statue is high up on a pillar in the middle of a large roundabout or expressway.
• I recall the style as being closer to baroque than modern.
• The location is on the way into and out of the Sevilla city center. Tour buses drive by it.
• It's not the Monument to Gustavo Adolfo Becquer in Maria Luisa Park

Things that are a bit more foggy:
• The women might depict the 4 seasons, or 4 compass directions.
• One might be holding a weapon or scythe above her head.
• You'd think I would remember if they're clothed, but I can't!

Please help me resolve this nagging memory!
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There's one with four figures standing back to back, on a roundabout, on this blog post. That the one? Second image.
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Best answer: Is it this fountain in the center of the Plaza de Don Juan de Austria? Created in 1929 by Manuel Delgado Brakembury.

"In the centre of the fountain are four sculptures covering all four sides. The women are representing the seasons Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer and are placed facing respective points of the compass. The roundabout is also commonly referred to as the ‘gateway’." Link with two sets of photos and descriptions.

(you probably had trouble finding it online because you may not have used the word 'fountain' in your searches.)
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Response by poster: Yes! The webmistress figured it out!
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