Assigning keyboard shortcuts to Mac OS services
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I want to be able to trigger an Applescript with a keyboard shortcut. I'm confused.

I feel like a moron. I've been using Mac OS for ten years, and have never really figured out how to use Automator.

I'm transcribing a bunch of audio files. I want to be able to use a keyboard shortcut to make Quicktime go back ten seconds. I found the script here and copied it into Automator (screenshot). When I launch it from there, it works perfectly. It also works perfectly when I launch it form the "Services" menu in Quicktime.

But when I try to assign a keyboard shortcut to it (screenshot), it doesn't work at all. I've tried a bunch of different keyboard shortcuts. What am I doing wrong?

I have a 2009 Mac Mini running OSX 10.10.2.

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I don't know if stock Mac OS lets you assign global hotkeys or not. Alfred does, but that's a third party app and you have to buy the $25 Powerpack to enable the feature. I love Alfred and think it's worth the money, but there's probably a free way to do what you want.
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I tried this on 10.10.3. I used a different shortcut (shift-ctrl-uparrow). But what I had to do to make it work was - define shortcut; close Services preference; do it once via the services menu. Once I did that, it worked via the keyboard shortcut. I tested this in both VLC and QT Player.
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Fast Scripts, from venerable developer and former Apple employee Daniel Jalkut, will let you do this fairly easily and for free.
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Thanks a lot, everyone.

I finally got it to work with nightwood's advice. It appears that you need to execute it once via the Services menu for each app that you might have on top when you want to perform the shortcut. But now that I've done that for each of the apps I use, it works perfectly.
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