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What is wrong with my new printer?

I just installed a new Canon PIXMA MP500 all-in-one printer to a Dell Dimension 8400 computer running Windows XP. The problem is that it will only print documents from Outlook express. In trying to print business documents from the Quick Books Pro 2000 it does nothing (which is what we really need it for). It also will not print regular news articles from Yahoo, Reuters, etc. It was working fine until yesterday. I had just printed some pictures using my camera's memory card and this worked fine. I then tried to print a news article. No dice. There are three buttons on top of the computer: Copy, Scan, and Memory Card. The printer will perform these functions, but again, will not do a basic print job. When checking Printers in the control panel, it has the little check mark next to this printer. What's up? Thanks...
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Maybe driver issues? Try downloading the newest drivers from the Canon site.
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What happens exactly, on the computer? Does it appear to print okay, but nothing happens? Does it open up any kind of printer control program (in the system tray perhaps)? Does it display an error message?
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The computer sends a "program not responding" box on the Yahoo site when I try to print. On the quikbooks program it just doesn't print but no error message. I did a test print with Canon tech specialist and it printed. He thinks it might be in the application. The computer is only printing some and not others. Maybe it's in the setup. But I've had this computer set up with other printers and it worked.
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When you go to File -> Print, there should be a drop-down box with a printer name in it. Is the correct printer selected? Perhaps some of the apps are accidentally trying to print to an old printer that isn't there any more.
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I was away from my computer. Yes, that's what the Canon people think. We looked at the old printer icon and it shows the printing I was trying to do. How do I change that?
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From this:

When checking Printers in the control panel, it has the little check mark next to this printer.

it sounds like you have the Canon set up as the default printer. This is good. But each application is free to print to whatever printer it likes.

Two things to do:

1. Delete all of those old printers that you don't use any more. They're just causing confusion. Go to Control Panel -> Printers, right-click on the printer you want to delete, and select 'Delete'.

2. Next time you print something, don't just click on the 'Print' icon in the toolbar. Actually go to the File menu and select 'Print...'. This will give you some additional print options; near the top will be the option to select which printer you want to print to. Make sure your Canon Pixma is the selected printer.

Once you've done this once in a given application, it should remember your choice in the future. But remember that each application can remember its own print settings, so you will probably need to do this printer selection in each of the applications that is causing you trouble.
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o.k. I'll try that. Thanks
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O.K. it worked for my Quik books,
I tried Yahoo and it says its "preparing" but nothing ever happens.
There is also and Intuit internal printer shown under printers, but I didn't delete it because I thought it might be connected to my quik books. What is it?
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The 'Intuit internal printer' could well be something to do with QuickBooks; I don't know, I've never used that software. If in doubt, leave it.

I'm not sure why your web browser still can't print. Are you using Internet Explorer? Have you tried restarting the computer?
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It works on internet explorer but not on Mozilla Firefox.
At least it';s printing now.
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Hey, chrismear, I'll say what slow, man seems to have forgotten to:

Wooo, chrismear, thanks so much for your help! The printer is working for me in Quik books now as well! This is great. I really appreciate your time.

Unfortunately, I still can't print from Firefox, does anyone know what I can do to fix that?
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[Marks chrismear as best answer.]
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that's why my name is slow man,
I was just about to thank chrismear for all his time and patience but it looks like you beat me to it monkey.
Thanks again and it's been great working with you.
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