A bone china tea set with no name, but very pretty
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A full tea set, cups, pot, creamer, sugar bowl but no country of origin. Any help with identity would be appreciated. The set, the bottom, marks in lids.

This was a thrift store find on my mother's part so there is no provenance. Education will be appreciated.
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My first place to look would be Replacements.
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Second Stewriffic's suggestion. My first instinct would be to say Rosenthal, but that should have some some of factory marking. Although with the crossed seven, German/Austrian isn't too bad a guess.
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Absolutely Replacements, they got back to my mom about some obscure 1930s downmarket department store glasses she inherited (mismatched from her mother's china cabinet, in a mixed box of random stuff), on Christmas Day, within six hours, based on some really bad early phone-camera pictures. If they don't know, nobody knows.
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