What is this thing, and did it come from my car?
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I found this thing under my husband's car in the driveway, and I'm wondering if anyone can identify it or at least tell me that it's not a Very Important Car Widget.

The black cone thing is hard rubber and the bolt doesn't look like it was broken off. The car in question is a Pontiac G5, and the widget was far enough into the driveway that it's unlikely it came from the road.
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May be a bolt for part of the body panels.
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Looks like an adjustable stop, perhaps for the hood? Does the hood (or another door) have some play when it's closed, and close too far now?
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As straw says, that looks like a snubber or bump stop, used on hoods, trunks, and sometimes doors to keep them at a specified height when they close. I tried to see if I could find the appropriate one using a GIS search, but I wasn't having much luck.

Body panel bump stops like this one are nice to have but usually not mission critical.

Suspension bump stops are more important and ARE critical (to keep the suspension from bottoming out), but this doesn't look like a suspension bump stop.
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It looks like hardware from one of the fender liners. These are the plastic sheets that are bolted on the inside of the wheel wells to protect dirt, rocks, water, mud, etc. from getting up into the body of the car.

Look at parts #6,7 in this diagram:
fender liner diagram for Pontiac G5
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Many cars have a plastic piece underneath to keep mud and dirt from splashing up into the engine compartment. It looks like one of the bolts to attach that piece. It probably has 6 more holding it in place, so it's not critical. But I'd get under there and look because if one is loose, others are too.
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It looks similar to the hood bumper on my G6 (one on each side). Just screw it back in.
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I have a Ford Edge. Something like that fell off my doors. I believe it is a stop that cushions, balances your door closing.
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Yeah that's a cushion, not a bolt. So I wouldn't worry about the engine or any of the panels. It could perhaps cushion the hood above the headlamps. It actually looks like the foot of a tripod. Basically there to provide some angular support.
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