Millenial-friendly Internet beyond Buzzfeed
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I'm looking for websites and/or publications (ha!) that direct their focus toward a millenial audience. Specifics inside.

While reading this on the blue, I began to think about media entities that aren't tone deaf towards my oft-loathed generation. The old guard (NYT, Time, New Yorker, CNN) vacillate between interesting neutral content and outright disdain for anyone under 40.

I'm looking for everything the NYT offers (culture, news, lifestyle, travel) but geared to an under-35 audience. The obvious answer here is the mighty Buzzfeed, and although I like a lot of Buzzfeed's content, sometimes it feels . . . silly. I'm looking for NYT-style content, but for a younger, poorer demographic.

I have some media entities that I already visit and would appreciate any helpful additions to these categories or any other you deem relevant.

Movies - The Dissolve (I love all of these writers but it sucks they only write about movies)

Music - Pitchfork (against all odds, they seem to have stayed relevant) and Stereogum (too disorganized)

Pop Culture - AV Club (not the same since the staff left and formed The Dissolve) and Vulture (which sometimes feels very "old guard" but has some great content)

Lifestyle, Travel, etc. - Buzzfeed does some of this stuff, but it's mostly just funny goofy things

News - Vox tries very hard, but I can't get into it, and MIC is pretty great

General Interest great stuff on the internet - Is there anything but MEFI? Another obvious answer here is Reddit, but I don't want to deal with their white male privilege bullshit.
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The Great Discontent, also has a print version.
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Best answer: Vice?
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Best answer: - Grantland's Hollywood Prospectus section for movies/TV
- Roads & Kingdoms for travel/culture/food
- Vice's Munchies subproperty for food
and weirdly a lot of my 30s-ish cohort is reading The New Yorker now.
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Best answer: The Hairpin, The Awl, Splitsider, The Billfold, The Wirecutter, and The Toast. I haven't read all of them, but they might cover some of what you're looking for.
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Best answer: you're a kitty! has the right idea, all of those are pretty good (The Toast is esp. lady/femme friendly)

And I second the recommendation of Grantland (though it's not 100%) and Vice's Munchies. Munchies is awesome!

- The Rumpus is pretty good and pretty broad
- The Financial Diet (ignore the name, ugh)
- The Verge, for tech (but with some good culture alongside)
- fivethirtyeight, not exclusively millennial, but I find the tone welcoming and the topics varied.
- PBS Idea Channel, on YouTube.
- Adulting, though it went the way of the blog-to-book pipeline, so the online stuff might not be as robust these days.

Part of the issue may be that a lot of younger folks just accumulate a variety of sources to follow on tumblr / bloglovin and don't rely on large info/media outlets quite as much. But that's daunting to try to keep up with, I know!

And, ya know, here. The blue is better and less caustic than most places, these days.
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A word about Buzzfeed: they do traffic in serious stuff sometimes (though this is surely a minority of their content). For instance, their coverage of Yemen has probably been one of the best of any American news site.
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Best answer: Jacobin is seen as a "millennial Marxist" publication
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It looks like both the Guardian and the Washington Post are actively trying to appeal to the under-40 crowd, and not just with all the reporting on the Daily Show. Maybe check out Abby Phillip [WaPo], Caitlin Dewey [WaPo], Trevor Timm [Guardian] and Spencer Ackerman [Guardian].
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