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Looking for more housing/rooming sites to post to in NYC!

So, as is the case in NYC, I have been priced out of my place after three wonderful years. So I'm looking to find a share in Brooklyn. I'm hoping to add to the list of places I am looking/have posted.

Where I do search/post:

Stephanie Diamond's List
Facebook-Janelle's list (both the closed and open lists)
Facebook-Queer Housing New York City
Streeteasy (for possible 2br's that I can rent and share)

What other lists should I sign up for/join that have been helpful to you?

My budget is pretty low so nothing involving brokers please. I'm also not interested in random services that lease by the room. It's very important that I can meet and screen potential roommates.

Brooklyn only please.

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Reddit's NYC Apartments!
posted by tickingclock at 11:26 AM on April 19, 2015

The Listings Project.
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Response by poster: The Listings Proejct is the same as Stephanie Diamonds List.

So reddit. Anything else?
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