Where can I find a skirt like this in my size?
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I love butt-covering knit miniskirts for wearing over leggings like this one at H&M, but they don't make it in XL/16-18. That is, tight-fitting (NOT flared), knit, short -- shorter than a pencil skirt -- and ideally mostly cotton. Do you know where can I find one?

I do most of my shopping at Goodwill and Old Navy, so I'm not familiar with where else one might buy clothes in my size. I've checked the places I used to shop when I was smaller -- Uniqlo, American Apparel, Forever 21, Target, etc. -- but either I've sized out of those stores, or they don't carry what I'm looking for. I'd be comfortable sewing my own, but I don't have the time these days. Have you found something like this? Where should I be looking?
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Best answer: ASOS Curve is my go-to. This ASOS Curve Jersey Mini Skirt looks almost exactly like the H&M one you linked to.
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I like those too and found my favorite one at Uniqlo a few years ago.

Old Navy has one that is a little longer but in a variety of sizes, you could maybe try the petite sizing for a slightly shorter length? Also you mentioned sewing on your own, so maybe you could shorten if you like.
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Best answer: Once I went looking for these when I started wearing leggings I found they were almost all appallingly cheaply made. Lint-collecting fabric, usually artificial fibres, no pockets, blecch. But this super skirt on Etsy is actually super as advertised.
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You can also cut a tshirt off below the arms and wear it as a skirt! No effort required, lots more color choices that way!
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I can second kmennie's "super skirt" recommendation. I have it too and it is indeed super. I was surprised how reasonably priced it was for something so well made.
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Best answer: If you do find time to sew, Colette Patterns has a pattern for a knit skirt which includes pencil and mini variations. It is a quick project.
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I've been doing a similar look with an extra long tank like this one
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you can totally make this skirt in less time than it would take you to check your facebook. it's really just a tube with an elastic sewn into it. just get some jersey knit, and get ballpoint or knit needles for your sewing machine. cut a rectangle, sew it into a tube, add the elastic on top and you're done. seriously, 25 minutes. even less if you use an already existing tank top and just cut it off at the armpits and add an elastic.
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Have you checked the H&M plus size section? If they have it in China, they must have it elsewhere. I have that skirt in size large. Is this the same thing?
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Response by poster: You all are great. Thank you for your ideas, and most especially for the sewing pattern! Now I can do interesting colors, too!
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