More shows like ATLA and LoK?
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What should my family watch to fill the Avatar & Korra shaped hole in our lives?

We loved basically everything about the 2 shows.

Could be American, Japanese, French, whatever, but we speak and understand English (and Spanish), and signal jr. doesn't read English fast enough for subtitles, yet, so it should be in English or Spanish or have a decent dub (or fansub).

We're not particularly prudish about sex or violence, within reason, but for instance Attack on Titan looks a bit too hardcore for the little one.
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Here's a Reddit thread that might be helpful.
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My mom really enjoyed ATLA because it was such a direct and sincere homage to Asian epic journey mythology and fiction. Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and also the epic fantasy "Journey to the West" (not the Jackie Chan version, try to find some of the older adptations) are fantastic. There are many visual homages to Journey to the West and the Monkey King, including Aang's usage of his staff and some of the cloud traveling in Korra.

I also don't watch very much TV, but Orphan Black has captivated me as much as ATLA and Korra has due to its conviction. It's just really well executed, everyone in the show is super into it, and Tatiana Maslany is amazing.
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Steven Universe!
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I actually just wrote an embarrassingly sincere blog post about the emotional underpinnings of the show, but in addition to being kindhearted and meaningful and chock full of fantastic women characters, it's also an ENORMOUS amount of FUN.
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I just started re-watching Fullmetal Alcheimst and I'd forgotten how great it is. It's all on Netflix, maybe give it a shot. You can start with plain old Fullmetal Alchemist, here are two movies I believe, and then FA: Brotherhood which I haven't watched but I gather is a re-telling that more closely follows the manga but is essentially the same story.

But yeah it's mostly age-appropriate and tons of fun.
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Fullmetal Alchemist is a great show, but has some pretty dark and creepy scenes that might not be good for young kids.

A couple ideas that come to mind are Samurai Jack and the movie The Secret of Kells.
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Steven Universe and Gravity Falls are at the top of my rec list!
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Thirding Steven Universe. It starts of seeming silly, but then the Very serious backstory starts kicking in. And we get a very nuanced and mature look at different types of families.

An anime I love is Moribito: a wandering spearwoman is honor bound to save the lives of eight people to make up for eight people who died because of her. She is tasked to be the bodyguard of a prince whose own father ordered his execution...

Yona of the Dawn: Yona had lived the life of a carefree princess, until the childhood friend she lives kills her father in front of her. Fleeing the castle she has to find the Four Dragons and retake the kingdom. In the process, she has to become a leader worthy of ruling.

I'll think of more later.
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Over the Garden Wall. I'm so jealous of anyone who gets to watch it for the first time.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recommendations. We're already watching Steven Universe and Gravity Falls. I also forgot to mention my son is 7, if that makes any difference.
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I'd suggest giving The Heroic Legend of Arslan a try - it's a coming of age story featuring a young prince who fights to regain his kingdom, and draws from the Persian epic of Amir Arsalan. There's also an older anime adaptation but I haven't seen that one.
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Is Signal Jr. old enough to read the comics? It continues the story of Aang and co.

Would Star Wars Clone Wars fit the bill?

This show is OLD, but what about Gargoyles?

I've heard good things about Big Hero 6 the film.
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I'd go through all the Miyazaki movies then! Skip Grave of the Fireflies and maybe Mononoke if blood is a no go with your son. Totoro, Spirited Away, etc etc are excellent though!
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Batman the Animated Series? It's on Amazon prime and fits the bill in terms of fun adventure with thoughtfully written characters, sympathetic villains, and a strong moral center.
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