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On someone mentions that "...several years ago, one of CBC's main news programs became quite adept at calling pay phones in the midst of the world's current trouble spots and interviewing whoever picked up. Don't know where they managed to get the numbers, but it was unique, raw and on the spot journalism." Does anyone know what program this was, or where I could obtain transcripts or recordings of this?
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That sounds like As it Happens. They certainly do make phonecalls to pubs and the like to get regular folks on the line. There are text precis going back to 1997 here, but they seem to only have audio archives from mid-99 on. You might try poking around a bit, I've only had a quick look. I'm sure the CBC would be able to track down specific segments if you contacted them.
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I second that it sounds like As It Happens.
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I third it. Maybe post your question with I Love Radio, where CBC radio staffer Tod Maffin blogs.
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