Historical data on ad spending by medium
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I'm having some trouble finding historical data on (overall) ad spending by medium. What I would really like, is a single graph or at least table, with some numbers going back ~30 years (or more is fine) that goes up to the present (~2014 let's say). I am uninterested in forecasts, and I'm uninterested in data sets with shorter time windows; my search results are just getting swamped by organizations that (i) are selling something, usually forecasting, and (ii) aren't focused on anything older than a few years ago.

Paywall is fine if it's academic, though a lot of possible sources I'm seeing are non-academic paywalls (I'm not going to pay for this beyond my current access). By medium I do hope to minimally include web / mobile / tv / print / radio. It would be gravy if the web/mobile parts differentiate video from non-video, but it seems that this is unlikely from what I've seen so far.

I do already know the broad arc of what this graph is going to look like, and so I'm not really interested in anecdotal answers or prose-based discussions of this unless they include hard numbers or graphs based on hard numbers.
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If you can get access, Warc's ad spend database will answer this question. the Ad Age Data Center may also have this info, but I'm not sure either resource would be included in academic subscriptions.
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One more: the chart in this Mediapost article covers 1980-2010 ad spend by medium. Unfortunately, I did not see updates for post-2010.
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Thanks, I think these jointly give me everything I need! The McKinsey report was the only one I'd already found. I didn't even think to check before but I do have institutional access to the ad age data center (not warc), I haven't yet found exactly what I was looking for there but there are lots of closely related data sets.
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