Foods with the energy of oatmeal?
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I like the energy and state of mind that eating oatmeal gives me. Are there any boxed, packaged cold cereals that have the same ingredients? What other foods generally have a similar nutritional profile in terms of energy?
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I like quinoa because it has the heartiness of oatmeal, plus more protein. You can cook it similarly to oatmeal, and I've found it's good with currants and sliced up apples, plus a little brown sugar or maple syrup. Be sure to rinse it well before cooking so it is less bitter.
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Shredded wheat? It's just pure wheat, same as oatmeal is just pure oats, and they have similar nutritional profiles. I love shredded wheat. Triscuit crackers, too, if you're looking for a snack. (Triscuits do have some salt and oil.)
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I go with high protein Kashi Go Lean. Here are some people discussing the relative nutrition of both. This is an ongoing debate but it seems like the most-compared cereal.

There are very few high protein breakfast cereals but a lot of people add protein powder to them (and the milk adds nutrition value though also carbs/sugars depending on how you feel about that). There's also overnight oatmeal if it's the cooking thing you don't like about regular oatmeal.
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If you're getting bored of bowls of oatmeal, try other oatmeal options, such as this one with yogurt and chia seeds.
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My father was an oatmeal for breakfast kind of guy 90% of the time, but when he did go for alternatives it was usually either shredded wheat (the original big ones that he would break up a bit in the bowl) or plain cheerios (he always added sliced banana or other fruit like blueberries).
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It's not exactly what you're asking, but one can eat oatmeal cold, without cooking it to mush. Rolled oats / quick oats / minute oats are delicious without being cooked and can be prepared like any other cold cereal. My version: 1/2 cup Quaker minute oats + 2 tablespoons maple syrup + 1 cut up grapefruit. Mix in a bowl, add a bit of soy milk, enjoy.
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Nutritionally, original Cheerios or muesli will be most similar. For something a bit more satisfying, granola. Shop around for your granolas - a lot of them are super heavily sweetened. I usually avoid the "low fat" ones, which tend to be super carb heavy, in favor of nuttier ones that are lightly sweetened. Or you could make your own.

(And, as an aside, contrary to popular belief, quinoa is not appreciably higher in protein than oats. 100 calories of quinoa is 3.84g protein, 100 calories of oats is 3.47g.)
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I love pressed barley. Barley is surprisingly filling, and can be taken in a savory or sweet direction very easily. You can also get pearl barley, but the pressed is much more like oatmeal. Barley with a little molasses is fantastic.

I also love gen ji mai 12 different grains mix: 12 grains If you add oatmeal, either pressed or unpressed, the oatmeal adds a wonderful sweet note to the mix.

Both grain blends are very filling, and I notice a real energy bump when I am consuming either for an extended period. I hope it works for you.
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It's my opinion that granola bars are oatmeal.. just in solid form with things added in.
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I am actually downing some breakfasty quinoa right now. I throw a quarter cup of quinoa in some greek yogurt, add chopped almonds and a little bit of fruit (sometimes not, as fruit contains too much sugar for my liking). The resulting concoction has an awesome texture and definitely gives me a burst of energy.
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Do you cook the quinoa first? Or just enjoy the crunch?
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I cook it first, but I like your style.
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Shredded wheat? It's just pure wheat, same as oatmeal is just pure oats, and they have similar nutritional profiles.

I just wanted to add that the Trader Joe's shredded wheats are the bomb and make the Kellogg's crap seem like cardboard in comparison.
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I like oatmeal. I also like granola-based cereals -- tastes similar and gives me the same kind of energy.
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I love millet as an oatmeal substitute, I cook it similar to oatmeal too, with a hint of milk, butter and coconut palm sugar. Also, cream of wheat.
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Can you maybe clarify why you are looking to move away from oatmeal? One thing I would say is oatmeal doesn't always need to be sweet. Try making savory oatmeal with cheddar, bacon and scallions. Good stuff. You can also put egg in there and cook it all up. Makes for a great, hearty breakfast.

edit: Oh, you want boxed cold items. Oops.
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I'd recommend mueslis, and granolas, but beware — not all cereals are created equal.

Right now my favourite brand is Rude Health, and it's not just because I'm related to the owners. I don't know if it's available where you live, but their stuff is incredibly good. There's a full nutritional breakdown of all their products on their website. Have you tried Drinking Oats before? Amazing stuff.
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I have read that Polenta is the high energy peasant food of Italy for people who expect to work physically hard all day. Polenta and grits are not very different. I like both of them.

You can make your own homemade granola and just add milk to that.

The brand Kashi comes to mind as well. I haven't bought anything from them in a long time, so I can't suggest a specific thing. But this is their official site and here is their cold cereals page.

I also have liked things like some of the Chex variations. Some of them are pretty hearty. Rice Chex and Corn Chex come to mind. I want to say there was a third one I liked, but I can't recall and I can't find it on their site. Maybe it was discontinued or maybe I am conflating something else with Chex.
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Here's a porridge recipe which has sustained me for quite some time:

In a small sauce-pan boil perhaps a couple of cups of water with 1/4 cup of quinoa, a tablespoon of brown sugar, and a tablespoon or two of pepita and raw sunflower seeds which have been previously toasted until browned and aromatic in a cast-iron frying pan, then coarsely crushed in a blender or with a mortar and pestle. Let this boil for a minute or so, then add sufficient old-fashioned oatmeal -- maybe a cup? It sounds complicated, but it only takes five minutes. Good sustaining morning food!
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There are some oat-based cold cereals, like Quaker Oat Bran, Oatmeal Crisp, or Kashi Honey Toast Oat cereal. My personal favorite is Cracklin' Oat Bran but it's on the sugary side.
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