Starting a grad program in the fall. Do I include it in my CV?
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I'm updating my CV to submit with a book chapter proposal. I'm entering into a graduate program in the fall (already accepted, paid the deposit, etc.). If I were enrolled in classes at this very moment, I would include this in the education section of my CV with an anticipated date of completion...but right now what I have is an anticipated start date. Do I include it, and if so, what's the appropriate way to represent my situation?
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Best answer: Something like this is probably fine, it's a bit unusual but if it will help you I don't see anything unethical about including it:

Program name, School, City
09/2015 - 10/2019 (accepted and enrolled in program)
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Best answer: I just did this recently for a similar reason. I listed the program on my CV as:

University, Program, City (coursework to start in September 2015)
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Best answer: If it's not a PhD program, that is if your probable completion date is known, you could also just write:
University, Program, City (degree expected date/year)
which is also honest but puts a slightly more positive spin on it.
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