Can you figure out what's going on with this image sharing account?
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Over on the image sharing site MLKSHK there's this account - thefabulous52 - that posts strange collages and I'm trying to understand what's going on, or why, or ... anything at all, really.

MLKSHK is a site populated by humans, as far as I know, with the exception of this account. Various people have tried to interact with it with no response that I know of, so at this point I'm working on the assumption that it's a bot of some sort.

A quick glance through its stream will show that the usual post is a portrait-orientation collage of two or more separate images as well as some text. Right now the text appears to be mostly song titles with artist and album info, but in the past it has been Bible verses and those still crop up from time to time.

There appear to be around 5,000 images posted by this account over the past 2 years. If you go to the beginning of their stream the images are still collages with black borders but the text component is not yet featured.

The only reference to the phrase 'The Fabulous 52' that I've been able to find online is a book of the same title from 1947 which appears to involve "using a deck of cards to tell a bible story."

I have multiple questions but the main ones are:
- Why would someone make this and leave it running?
- Can you figure out any rationale or relationship regarding the image choices and text?
- If you were going to write something like this yourself, what would you use to do it? There is (in my opinion, and this could be some sort of bias) a strange consistency in the artsy-ness of the images chosen. It doesn't appear to be something as simple as a Google Images search off of a dictionary file, for instance.
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"The Fabulous 52" was also some sort of made-for-tv movie type thing on CBS as well.

"image.jpg" - @thefabulous52
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Photography experimental fine art cache. Earth imagery, digital doubling , someone is using cloud storage because they don't have room on a home computer. Navajo woman with guitar. Anyway. Maybe a high school photo project. Maybe group storage.
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Possibly an ARG, though 5k seems heavy for most ARG
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Someone's weird pseudo-arcane pseudo-outsider digital art project.
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That or the internet is now alive and is just fucking with us for the hell of it...
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Someone using an internet service in some manner that doesn't fit within your expectations.
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