Why won't my Pinterest board display properly in Wordpress?
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I've tried everything to embed a Pinterest board in a Wordpress page. No matter what I do, some of the pins get cut off. What gives?

I am running a self-hosted Wordpress site with the Nirvana theme. All I want to do is embed Pinterest boards on pages. I have tried 4 plugins and the official Pinterest widget builder. All of them have the same result. The container for the pins is the right size, but my pins get cut off. Is it something in my theme? I deactivated all my plugins, but that didn't help. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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I think it's the Pinterest API. Flickr galleries get cut off in Wordpress too.
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I just checked, mine gets cut off too, for both Pinterest and Flickr and I use a different theme. I think it's 'we'd just as soon you didn't recreate our site elsewhere' so you get an abridged version.
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There's something wonky about that for sure. When I look at the CSS there's a height being set on the inner thingy that's less than the outer thingy.

See here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/artlung/16963217238/
The outer has a height of 540px but something is setting the inner element to have a height of the very odd 236.911392405063px.

If I manually set that height to something (in this case with Chrome dev tools) greater than 540px then I get this:

Which looks more rational. If you can nail down what sets the height of that inner grid in the WordPress plugin you're using, then you can fix it. I think the "masonry" plugin you use jquery-masionary.js may be the culprit, but it may be elsewhere.

Me, I'd be looking at the configuration options of your Pinterest WordPress plugin. And shopping around for one more reliable.
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