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Can you help me ID the stoneware manufacturer whose mark is shown here?

I own the worlds best plates, and I've had them for 20+ years. They are white, restaurant quality stoneware. The dinner plates have the mark in the image on the reverse. The bowls (rimmed pasta bowls and cereal bowls) just have a plain, black "Made in China" stamp, as do the salad plates. It is possible they were purchased from William-Sonoma in the mid-90's but I've been unable to confirm that, even after contacting them. is an endless field of plain white dishes (I wish they'd show the makers marks in the photo).

I need more of these plates. Can you ID the maker so I have more to go on than "white diner-style plates"?
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PS: the W-S "everyday white" is what a lot of people suggest, but its a different mark and when you have them both in-hand the current one is much lighter, thinner plate.
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