Catch-all email forwarding
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I'd like to forward anything@mydomain to one address. This should be easy, shouldn't it?

I own a bunch of different domain names for different projects. I use Google Apps for my main one. I'd like to be able to give people [anyname]@[oneofmydomains] and have everything forward to my Google Apps address.

I've been using ImprovMX for this, but it seems to be dropping some emails. Is there another service that does the same thing? I'd be willing to pay for something that works.

I use for my nameserver. Hover had made it quite clear that it won't be offering this service.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot.
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Best answer: Pobox has been around forever and their bread and butter is forwarding. They do catchalls but it costs $10/year per domain on top of their $20 annual cost.

However I think you can do this entirely in Google Apps. You can have multiple domains on one Google Apps account and they support catchall addresses.
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Zsazsa has it. Google Apps supports this natively.
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Response by poster: It worked! Thanks so much, zsazsa. I really should have thought to see if Google Apps could do this.

For others who might stumble here in the future: in this thread, some people seem to be saying that you need to turn catchall off and on in order for it to start working on alias domains. I did that, but I have no idea if that was actually necessary, or if it just needed time to propagate. Took about 15 minutes.
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