Mosquito treatment for a small yard
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Are there any effective mosquito treatments for a small (10'x25') yard?

We have a small fenced yard that I would like my kids to play in. One problem: mosquitos. Is there anything practical I can do? The city sprays for mosquitos already and the ones that get through are not high in numbers, but my kid is quite allergic. Is there anything I can do to keep the mosquitos away from the yard?
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This Lifehacker article recommends using fans.
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DEET-based mosquito repellants have always worked pretty well for us. Fans are awesome.
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...and by the repellants, I mean that yard treatments and whatnot have been really mixed for me in the past. Eliminate any standing water you might have that would encourage their breeding, or use Mosquito Dunks if you've got ditches or other water nearby that might be attracting them.
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Fan with a bubble machine.

We keep box fans near the doors for such purpose, and dump standing water out regularly.
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Sorry I can't remember the brand name or active ingredient, but in the past I had great success with treating a yard with granules meant to be strewn about the yard, especially in damp areas or standing water. Checking Amazon, looks like they may have been Mosquito Dunks or similar (but those are certainly very highly rated). They made a huge difference.
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I agree that you should focus on a repellant spray etc. for the child. Other than a steady breeze I don't see that any treatment applied to an open-air yard will have an effect on mosquitoes coming from elsewhere.
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Reducing standing water is a part of it for sure.

Some people recommend attracting bats with bat boxes..they eat a lot of mosquitoes.

I am in a low lying area in a city with a small back yard. The soil holds a lot of moisture plus my neighbors leave standing water everywhere.

The mosquitoes get very bad and I don't want to spay chemicals and currently have to where too much bug spray to use the backyard.

Last year I tried this garlic based spray with some but not sufficient results.

I have pulled down some weeds and removed all the standing water that was there when we moved in last summer. I am starting spraying earlier to see if I can get ahead of a population getting a foothold. I also bought a charcoal grill and hope smoke from that will help.

I am going to try the fan idea mentioned above but unless you live above a mosquito line you are gonna have to convince your neighbors to reduce the standing water in their yards.
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We successfully tried small fans on our porch, one at our feet and one on the dining table when we eat or hang out there. However, I'm not sure how you could get enough fan coverage in an entire yard where children are playing.
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Try googling for plants that repel Mosquitos- there are several that are very easy to grow, such as lavender and mint.
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