Take a break. See the lake. Go shopping. Where?!?!
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LongShotFilter: About 10 years ago I remember seeing a great billboard up on the side of the east-bound Trans-Canada highway somewhere between Falcon Lake, MB and Kenora, Ont. The words on the sign were simple: Take a break. See the lake. Go shopping. Does anybody have a picture of this billboard by any ridiculous chance? I believe it was a local billboard promoting the Kenoa and Lake of the Woods area in general, I don't believe it had specific ties to any particular place of business. This phrase has been a running joke among friends since the first time we saw it, but in the recent times I have gone back to Kenora, it was nowhere to be seen. Bonus points for the same verbage from a sign somewhere else.
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I'd suggest contacting the Kenora Chamber of Commerce. They might have created the billboard, or might know who did.
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jacquilynne: thanks, will give it a shot.
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speaking of longshots.... sometime ago - i saw a beautiful little animated short about a boy who walked on his hands... developed by the canadian film board - anyone ever seen it?

has it been digitized? - im trying to remember the title.
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