Chromebook media player question
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Does the Chromebook media player display timing info when playing audio?

My partner needs a new laptop and is considering a Chromebook.

She gets occasional work reviewing lengthy audio files so the deal breaker is whether Chrome OS has a decent media player or not. (She's used to using Quicktime and Ubuntu's default player.) Basically she needs a player that can play WAVs from an external USB drive on the fly (without having to add them to a separate library, etc…), allows her to pause and resume the audio easily, and gives her the play position of the track in minutes and seconds.

This is standard stuff, I guess. But I can only find one video of the player on YouTube and it looks like it's missing a time display.

Does ChromeOS media player have all the features my partner needs?
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Best answer: The built in media player displays the elapsed playing time and the total file time.
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