Short story ID: marketer helps niche group hide from marketers
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Trying to identify a short story in which someone whose job is to identify emerging groups of people with specialized interests and target them as niche markets turns those skills to helping some group hide their purchases and whatnot to evade that kind of targeting. Maybe the group being helped contained some relatives of the marketer? I'm pretty sure I read it within the past 15 years, and it's possible it was in one of those annual collections of SF short stories (like Dozois's series).
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Your description makes me think of William Gibson's Pattern Recognition, but that's a novel.
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Response by poster: I'm pretty sure I haven't read any Gibson novels. Also, the allergy element mentioned in the Wikipedia plot summary is not in the story I recall. The protagonist wasn't a branding consultant, but a data analyst/explorer type.
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I thought Gibson too. You might try the search term Coolhunting, although my initial browse was unsuccessful.
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Sometimes short stories/novellas will be published in collections and later expanded into a novel. Because this also made me think of the Gibson novel.

However, I also tend to read the collections, and a very, very tenuous train of thought makes me think it might possibly (maybe) be a Corey Doctrow story (maybe maybe maybe probably wrong :( )
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