Looking for free sign-in/attendance software
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Hey there, Basically I run an afterschool program where students are free to drop in and out whenever they want, on the condition that they use a computer to sign-in and sign-out. The easiest way is to have them write their names in a Microsoft Word document, however I want something more sophisticated that will allow me to collect statistics over the course of the year about how often they attended, how long they stayed, as well as being able to look at gender and age categories (e.g. I would be able to see that 60% of my students in January were male, while 40% were female, and so on) Any ideas would be great. Free is preferable but if it's really cheap and does everything I need then I could probably afford a $50 one-off fee. Thanks in advance
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A simple Google Form linked to a spreadsheet should do all you want if you are part of the google ecosystem (our schools admin basically runs on GForms now)
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Also came to say Google Forms. Here's another Guide.
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