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Looking for a creative thinking workbook from my childhood. The one line I remember clearly: "Which is Louder, Yellow or Black?"

When I was 7 or so, I got a book from my teacher's "you've done something awesome, now you get to draw a prize" box. I lost it in some move in the intervening years, but it still pops into my head pretty frequently and I'd love to find a copy.

I think it was called "Which is Louder, Yellow or Black?" but that may have just been one of the spreads rather than the book as a whole. It was a softcover book of creative & nonlinear thinking exercises/questions, about the size of a normal school workbook but I remember the pages being full of art/graphics along with the questions/prompts. This was the mid-80s, but the art style I remember points to likely publication in the 70s.

So, hivemind, anyone know what this was?
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Was it "Making It Strange"?
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It sounds like The Anti-Coloring Book to me. (I don't remember that particular prompt, but it sounds like something that would be in there)
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Popping back in with a bit more about the "Making It Strange" series: an image, which, while I don't remember it specifically, also includes the exact type of creative question you're asking about. I remember this book, and wish I could find a copy, too -- image, question, and lines to write answers on.
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Amazing! 12 minutes to answer something that has been on my mind for years! I just found an ebay listing for the full series - I am totally unwilling to pay the asked $750 for them, but I definitely remember the cover to volume 2.

I'll keep my eye out for a more reasonably priced copy, in the meantime it's so nice to have the mystery at least resolved.
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OH! There are copies in several libraries in New York state.
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