How to study while on the move (Is augmented reality accessible yet?)
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I'm going to be starting anatomy and physiology and many more "sit down and study" type classes. Sitting down and studying kills my back and my knees. I want to be able to study while I'm hiking, but I need visual in addition to audio, too! Is there ready-for-prime-time hardware that can help me accomplish this?

I have a very difficult time finding a way to study other than seated or lying in bed, which causes me all sorts of problems. Things I have tried:
Audio in the car/music player - Good, but needs visual elements. (One thing to hear "terrigium," another to see it's "pterygium." Even better to see a picture!)
Vuzix 1200DX - Awful, just awful.
Walking while holding a book - type is too small, too hard to follow, too easy to trip, too easy to lose place
Standing desk/Tread-desk - I have both. It helps somewhat, but my knees still get very sore compared to natural movements. It's not exactly the cure for restlessness, it feels very much the same as being locked in place.
Not sure full VR (e.g. Occulus Rift) is the right answer, I want to be able to interact with my surroundings, putter, clean, walk etc.
Any suggestions?
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I did a lot of my studying for nursing pre-reqs on the elliptical. Pretty tedious but perhaps more realistic than while hiking?
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I was never able to and still can't do studying on an elliptical, but giving yourself little dance parties is good when you get to a certain page.

Flashcards on the elliptical would work---textbook reading is too hard (for me).

Keeping a stability ball around to do stretches and crunches is good.
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When I was doing lots of memorization for nursing school prerequisites, I used Anki, which are digital flashcards. The program includes spaced repetition - stuff you tell it you don't know well comes to your attention again sooner than stuff you tell it you do know well. It's a phone or Web app. It accepts pictures. It's a little fussy to use (upload this to here, sync with that, etc., as opposed to a shiny GUI), but I found it indispensable. I would flip through flashcards in interstitial moments - waiting for the microwave or nursing a baby to sleep. Lots of pacing in the kitchen talking aloud about what I was trying to remember. But it really only took me, max, 20 minutes/day/class. I knew that stuff inside out. It freed up time to look at models or watch videos or read my textbook, and having it on my phone meant it was always with me. I highly recommend it.
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