I need more of this pen!
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This pen was anonymously left on my desk at my job a few months ago, and I need more of this pen in my life.

The credit union that gave it away in the first place is now defunct. It's my favorite pen ever - it's weighted perfectly, grips well, writes well, and looks good doing it. I'd like to find somewhere to buy another because it's frankly a miracle that I've managed not to lose it for this long. Any ideas/bulk suppliers/other businesses giving away this pen/people who have one and would like to sell it to me?
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This is the standard non-cheapo conference giveaway pen these days. It should be refillable: from memory, they take either Parker/ISO refills, or DIN ones. I've thrown away/lost countless ones just like this.
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Can you unscrew it and take a photo of the interior ink cartridge? Your best bet would just be to get an interior cartridge refill, and continue using the same pen. Also, the cartridge would provide good info for how to track down suitable replacements.
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If it feels like it has a weighted barrel, I have (or had) one of those. (If I can find it, I'll mail it to you.) They definitely come from promo suppliers and are bought in the thousands. One potential source for smaller amounts might be the many people selling drug rep / pharma pens on eBay, if you're okay looking at the name of a prescription medication while you write.
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We have something like 75 or so of them from a relative's business. If all else mails, memail me and I'll send you a few.
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Have you tried a G2 Pilot pen? Yours reminds me of those. I'm a fan.
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