I'll get a tiara later.
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I want to have a crown braid, the more imperious and intimidating the better. I'm thinking something along the lines of Yulia Tymoshenko or St. Vincent. Problems: I have extremely fine and limp hair, it's barely shoulder length (currently - willing to grow it out), and I have never braided anything in my life. Do you have any newbie-friendly directions, or know a Youtube clip I could look at?
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You'll save yourself a lot of trouble with a fake braid.
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Extensions could help with the length and thickness but if you get a fake braid crown and put your hair in a French twist it could look just as good. The fake would be so much easier. Alternately, you could try to adapt something more French braid like. You'll probably need someone with experience to help. Here's a tutorial with pics. It appears to take mid-back length hair.

Good luck and don't delay on the tiara. A crown makes a massive psychological impression on the wearer. My Mom wore a crown every Christmas while she sat around and made us get her wine. You sound like you could do with people bringing you wine.
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Is this for a particular event? If it is then you can easily DIY a hairpiece that will replicate this look.

Is this a longer-term goal? Then get practicing. It looks like St Vincent wears what I'd call a true 'crown braid', a Dutch braid (where the strands go under rather than over) wound around the back of your head. Start by learning how to do a regular Dutch braid. Do it in front of the TV while you're zoned out at night - braiding in front of a mirror confuses your brain. You want your fingers to get that muscle memory going. So braid, take a look, then undo and start again. Braids hold best on dirty second-day hair. A bit of dry shampoo at the root also gives your hair a lot of grip.

Two more tips: when you're ready to go for the full crown braid, try curling it all over first to get your layers to behave and tuck in more nicely.

Next, get yourself some texture powder. These come in little shakers and are confusing and strange. Basically, once you've braided your hair sprinkle a little on the completed braid, pat it in, then tug at the braid until it looks sufficiently intimidating. Tightly braided, fine, thin hair can look a bit sad (I speak as someone with maybe 5 hairs on my entire head), and this trick can really help. Kristin Ess is an IRL hair wizard.
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Right here --> http://thebeautydepartment.com/2014/07/summer-braid-4/

This is a great tutorial showing extensions added to braids as well as a how to braid video: http://www.barefootblonde.com/2015/02/day-night-valentines-hair-tutorial/

There are two things that will make this work- clip in extensions and/or hair texture powder. I cannot recommend texture powder enough. It's magic! Turns fine thin hair into giant thick braids.
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Came back to add that a two-strand crown braid is a very easy 'starter' crown braid, and I can confirm it works very well on shorter, fine, limp hair.
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You can easily fake a crown braid (like either of the above pictured) by simply braiding your hair to the side (or on both sides) and wrapping it over your head, then pinning the hell out of it. No need for complicated braiding techniques. I do this all the time and people always say, "WOW, how did you do that??" So it doesn't look stupid, at least.

You may need to grow your hair a bit for this to work, but you can try it now and see how close you get. I recommend braiding both sides at a shorter length and wrapping them both up to meet at the top of your head.
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A braid like this, you can't fake. But this one is just wrapped.
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Fine & limp hair? Just don't wash. Dirty hair holds braids better. Freshly washed & dried hair is too slippery to style.
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The one trick I have for when you're doing a true crown braid (where the dutch braid goes all the way around your head): Tip your head forward, look at one shoulder, and start braiding at the back. All the tutorials I've seen seem to want you to start at one ear or at the part, go across the front, and then do some ridiculous handswitching thing halfway through to do the back. If you start as far back as you can and turn your head as you go, you can get almost all the way around without dislocating your shoulders. Leaning forward also makes it feel more natural because you're braiding "down" instead of "sideways".
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Not exactly what you ask, but: I can French braid other people's hair but not my own, so I used to go to Supercuts and get my hair braided in rather impressive ways for special occasions. It was inexpensive and quick.
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