X_X Box - no audio/video or disc drive use.
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My Xbox powers up and the green light turns on, but there is no audio or video and the disc tray will not open.

Anyone have any experience with this?
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Just to be sure, is this an older xbox, and not the new 360?

I haven't had any problems with this, but it might help to know if anything in your setup has changed or had anything weird happen lately.

Power failure or surge? Dropped? Too hot in the cabinet? Tried modding it?
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Regardless of what's really happening, if you can't figure it out, the cost of a brand-new Xbox (the original, not the 360) will be about $150, while the cost of a repair will be about the same.
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Standard trouble-shooting advice: have you checked the connections on the a/v cable?

But if the disc tray won't open, it sounds like it's not working right internally and is probably pooched.
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I once had an issue with my gen 1 xbox where it greenlighted but wouldn't open the tray, or get past the system title screen. Damn thing was brand new. If I tried repeatedly sometimes it would finally make it over the hump, but eventually I called M$ and they said I'd have to send it in. To their credit, the service was pretty snappy. Give the service number a call.
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I had the exact same thing that Borglove said happen to me, except with a used xbox from like, electronic boutique? no solution, returned it the next day, got an apology and a new one.

(oh btw, hangup at welcome screen... no cd open... those are the common factors)
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Phone microsoft.

I know people who have has out of warranty xboxes replaced!!

MS xbox customer service apears to be very good....
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