What are some weird podcasts for late at night?
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What are some podcasts with strange stories (fiction & non-) that sound good late at night?
Some Examples:

What I'm not seeking: Take me to some weird, dark, and perhaps imaginary places! Thanks!
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The Truth ("movies for your ears") often has strange, unsettling stories.

"In Good Hands" (part 1 and part 2) is one I remember in particular.
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Mysterious Universe is good when they have a long rambling interview. Some other paranormal podcasts I like are Where Did The Road Go and The Higherside Chats, both of which are basically very uncritical platforms for variously crazy / intriguing folk to spin their ideas in conversation. Try the latest Higherside interview with Crrow777 for a taste.
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The Memory Palace might fit this bill.
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I'm quite fond of Ursula Vernon's The Hidden Almanac. Fictional-surreal "this day in history" and fantasy saints' feast days with almost real-world gardening... and no, it's apparently not very similar to Night Vale (I don't listen to Night Vale so I don't know firsthand). They're only 3 minutes long (so listening to them is like eating chips!); here's the first episode.
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I've been enjoying Lore. Only three episodes so far, but focused on quietly untangling dark myths (werewolves, etc) to find the hidden truth.
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Everything is Stories
This Is Actually Happening
Here Be Monsters
Love + Radio

All mostly dark, weird, and true.

There's also Unfictional from KCRW, but as they're one of the few places to grab a Joe Frank podcast, you probably already know it..
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If you might like a dash of cold water thrown upon your Cryptozoology theories, try Monster Talk, put out by Skeptic Magazine.

I love the crazy, but I always feel the need to occasionally have a wee bit of rational thought thrown in for good measure, like saffron for cooking. Just a little bit goes a long way.
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CBC radio has a show called Wiretap

Benjamin Walker's Theory of Everything.
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True Crime podcast Criminal, especially when it's the story of an old timey case, fits this bill pretty well. (Fanfare)
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Psuedopod is a horror fiction podcast. I listen to it in broad daylight while doing my laundry, because I'm a weenie.
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If you're into the conspiracies, you should be listening to Dave Emory.
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Definitely Criminal. And her voice is perfect for late-night listening.

Also agree on Theory of Everything. Some of them I love and some not so much, but he's an interesting dude and entertaining to listen to.
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Thanks everyone! I knew about some of these beforehand but not others. All seem great. Everyone gets a best answer.
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Seconding Monster Talk and Here Be Monsters [review I wrote if you need convincing]. Love the Monster Talk episode about Demon Cats, especially.

Nocturne is a newish show in the realm of Hear Be Monsters
Bunker Buddies with its Armageddon speculation/preparation. Probably you've heard of it, but just in case.
The Worst Idea of All Time is practically all late-night weirdness
The Heart you probably already know about but kind of lives in the space you're describing
And no talk of weird podcasts is complete without Podcasts are Wonderful. Which is weird. And wonderful.
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OK, I heard about the Cephalopodcast a couple days ago and listened to it just now and feel compelled to add it to this list.

It's like Brak, Strong Bad, and Cthulhu had a weirdbaby and it started a podcast. I laughed a lot.
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Thanks! Just to reign things in a bit, tho', I want to be clear that humor is a bit low on my priority list. I'm more interested in the strange & weird. NocturneBunker Buddies, while thematically right, is pretty light in its tone.
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Me & Paranormal You. (it's more fun to believe)

Comedian Ryan Singer interviews people about their weird experiences. No real comedy, just exploring the weirdness.
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There’s Something Out There is a radio documentary series about the strange things that happen in everyday life.

Few episodes, but great.
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I'm more interested in the strange & weird. NocturneBunker Buddies, while thematically right, is pretty light in its tone.

Er, that is, Nocturne seems just right, Bunker Buddies a little light.
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