Online registration Systems and payment processors for Non-profits?
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I am looking for a website/service to manage the purchasing (a la shopping cart) and tickets for a very small non-profit's events. After some brief googling, there are a lot of options, I'm overwhelmed, and looking to separate the wheat from the chaff for what we need.

What we're looking for:

- Creating Invoices/receipts for patrons
- Payment processing and depositing into our bank account
- Managing ticket inventory (especially for a golf outing that would allow purchasing of multiple tickets and coupon codes)
- Integration with quickbooks desired a plus but not a must
- we have no merchandise and don't plan to do so at least in the 4-5 years
- Turnkey or build my own/customizable options? I'm quite open to either option but leaning towards turnkey because of limited time.
- Our website is wordpress-based but I'm indifferent whether or not it's a wordpress plugin.
- Tentatively using quickbooks not just for our budgeting, but also for our payment processing as well.

We're quite small (2 events a year, dinner/gala and a golf outing, 500 guests total, our events net $20-30k). We've broken off from a former parent non-profit, used their software (and theirs is still an option), but seeking other options.

What else should I be looking for in features? What would be some good fits for us?

Budget: Obviously, best value, but my ED and board would likely prefer something less than $499/year (including all processing fees)
or less than 5% per attendee. Are these expectations realistic?

I've eventbrite as an event attendee and have found it to be satisfactory but a little leery of the price tag
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With Wordpress, you can use Stripe for processing and Gravity Forms to manage the order forms. Stripe is cheap (2.4% + 24c per transaction) and GF would be $199 to license forever and takes no cut.
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Shopify lets you sell tickets, and probably has coupon type features. Start reading with the free plan and see where the costs take you.
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If you do go with eventbrite, make sure you use eventbrite for causes. It's not much different but the fee is 2.0% instead of 2.5%. You can see it here. That's excluding the 3% to the payment processor of course.
Not sure if you knew that already but the page you linked to was for the regular eventbrite pricing, so I thought I'd mention it.
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Our box office at the college loves Tixato. The pricing on paid events is great and the ability to do free events for free really helps for the stuff we need. They break down the pricing on the web site, but it's basically $0.55 + 2.9% per ticket.
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A lot of the smaller events and venues I've been to lately have been using Brown Paper Tickets. It looks like their processing fee is 3.5%, but they pass that along to the buyer instead of charging you for it.
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