Windows Mobile 5 Software Woes.
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My father and I just got Axim x51v PDAs, and we're both having some trouble finding software. For him, the main need is a mapping program to work with his GPS, and for me... well, I'd like to find some old school emulator gaming.

The problem is this: I can find mapping software, like Microsoft Streets. And I can find emulators. I can't, however, find either of the above for Windows Mobile 5, which is the new OS on the x51 series. So my multi-part question is as follows:

1) Do y'all know of programs to fit what we're looking for?
2) Can you refer some good x51/Pocket PC sites so I can be better educated in the future? Some kind of review or news site, and whatever the PPC equivalent of VersionTracker is, would be great.

3) Slightly off topic but still related, anyone had experience using CF Type II memory with their Axim? I've read that sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
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The best site for Axim-related stuff I've found is Aximsite; the forums are generally very helpful.
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Emulators? SCUMMVM. Allows you to play all of those old adventure games (Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island etc) on your PPC. Windows Mobile 5 compatible. My favorite mobile app!
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For mapping software (or any other mobile stuff, to be honest) try Handango. You can search by device so you'll only see titles which are WM5 cmpatible.
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This review of the x51 mentions testing the Morphgear emulation software, which makes me think it must run on that platform. I'm running it on al older Axim. It's fun for games that have very simple controls.
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Oops. Sorry. That link is to a review of the x50. Here's the one for the x51. It does not mention Morphgear.
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I'm typing this on a pda so can't give you links, however...

For GPS look at tomtom or copilot.

For old school gaming there is a MAME port for PocketPC (although it can't run everything), Pocket SCUMM, morphgear (emulates a lot but some things like gba emulation is slow) and nester will play SNES roms. Also check out Raymon De Klein's website for a good tetris. You can also get 5 lemmings levels but it doesn't like wm5. Everything gaming related s free apart from morphgear.

Any specific games you are looking for?
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Mainly, the console-type games. SNES, NES, Sega. I dig SCUMM from the looks of it, though. Thanks!
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In that case, you want PocketGenesis (not tried it so can't comment) and this link.
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