Unsolicited Confirmation Code Text Messages
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In the past week, I've received multiple unsolicited confirmation/verification code text messages from Facebook and Google, and a welcome text from Wells Fargo Text Banking. What gives?

I'm not super tech-savvy, but here's some additional info that may be helpful:
-I have one Facebook account and two Gmail accounts
-I do not bank with Well Fargo in the traditional sense, but I did receive a loan from them two years ago that is in forbearance
-As far as I can tell from looking at the security pages on my Facebook and Google accounts, the only devices accessing my accounts have been my laptop and cell phone
-I do not have 2-step verification enabled on my google accounts
-The phone numbers the texts are coming from check out as being actually from those companies when I google the numbers (Facebook is 326-65, Google is 224-444, and Wells Fargo is 935-57)

What can I do to prevent further troubles? Should I change my passwords for my accounts, or is that the goal of these apparent phishing attempts (though that's probably the wrong term for this)?
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Is it possible these are all honest mistakes from the same person who has been entering your phone number which is close to their own by accident?
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Could these "phishing attempts" just be someone who is confused and mistakenly listed your phone number on their own accounts to these services instead of theirs?
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Response by poster: I hope these represent mistakenly-entered phone numbers! I hadn't considered that. They've occurred over several days, so you would think if it were a mistake, they wouldn't keep making it over and over again, but who knows?
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Is your phone number new? Perhaps you got someone's expired number, one that happens to be the authentication method for all of these accounts.
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Best answer: 1. Get a copy of your credit report just to make sure no one has opened lines of credit or accounts in your name as a result of ID theft.

2. Call your cell provider and make sure that no one has requested that calls / text to your phone be forwarded to another number (this is sometimes done by thieves for wire/bank fraud.)

Unlikely, but worth looking into when something phishy happens. Also, just as a matter of personal security, enable 2 factor authentication whenever you can - especially for email and banking accounts.
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Yeah, my guess is that someone recently decided to "get serious" about their security and set up two-factor auth on a bunch of accounts, and copied and pasted the wrong phone number into a bunch of forms. Sucks to be them, if so, because they can't sign into any of their accounts now...
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Response by poster: I've have the number for over ten years, and it was my dad's cell phone number prior to that. Thanks for the help, everyone!
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