How safe is leftover raw kitfo?
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Ordered raw kitfo about 24 hours ago and got the leftovers into the fridge an hour later. Still safe to eat raw?
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No. This is not a dish meant for leftovers. Get some fresh.
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Second not eating it, between the butter and the raw meat - ugh, I can only imagine the tribute to the porcelain god.
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It is a dish designed to be eaten fresh... at room temperature. Even if edible, it sounds really unappetizing. How about fried kitfo burgers?
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Best answer: mmmm, kitfo.... I wouldn't eat leftover kitfo raw, but I have definitely thoroughly cooked it up into a tasty meat patty and eaten that.
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I have done this before and was fine, but I wouldn't recommend it.

FWIW, it was not as tasty the second day - actually, it was kind of fridge-y - so you wouldn't be missing much if you ditched it.
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If you look through my Can I Eat It history here on metafilter, you will see me giving an enthusiastic thumbs-up to all kinds of foods left out for all kinds of periods. There are, as far as I can remember, two things where I've said "No, don't eat it!": the jar of venison chili which had been left unrefrigerated and was bubbling and oozing, and THIS RAW KITFO NO NO NO.

I eat raw kitfo all the time. I love it. I would not eat these leftovers unless I had cooked them.
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I literally just ate some gyoza that had been sitting at room temp for more than 12 hours, and I wouldn't eat this.
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Response by poster: Cooked it fairly well done, and it is still tasty. Thanks all.
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Response by poster: Next day, still no food poisoning, so thanks all!
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