What the monk is he doing?
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In Eduard von Grützner's painting Vor der Brotzeit, the monk has something in his hand. What is it?
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Best answer: Nice painting! I bet it's a snuff box.
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Best answer: Yeah, looks like snuff.
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Best answer: He's taking a pinch of snuff, I'd say.
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Best answer: Snuff also fits with the hand positioning. Some people take it off the back of their hand/thumb area:

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The title translates to For the Snack. I think he's holding a tankard. This fits with the artist's reputation for painting monks imbibing.
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Best answer: The tankard is on the table. I agree it looks like he's taking a pinch of snuff. Similar item is in this other von Grützner painting which is actually titled "A Pinch of Snuff"
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Response by poster: Thank you all so much! The possibility of it being a snuff box had crossed my mind, but it's nice to see that so many other people agree with me.
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> The title translates to For the Snack.

No, it means 'Before Breakfast/Teatime/Snacktime' (depending on how people used the word in nineteenth-century Upper Silesia); vor is 'before,' not 'for.'
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