Full body dumbell workout videos on youtube.
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I'm looking for basic full body dumbbell workout videos similar to this one by Gabriel Davidson. I'm not looking for a cardio workout or exotic this month's fitness magazine injury inducing exercises. I just want a youtube workout mirror situation.

I'd like basic lifts done with all the proper lift timing and resting requiring no more than a pair of dumbbells (and maybe a bench at most). I don't and won't have a fitness ball (cat with claws kind of rules that out).

I've found some myself but was hoping maybe somebody else had already done the work of finding the good ones.
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One youtube guy that I've learned quite a bit from is Jeff Cavaliere. He's a pro trainer and physical therapist who used to work with the Mets. Even though his videos are promotional for his business, they are still very worthwhile. Here is a recent one covering a full body dumbbell workout.
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There's a German weightlifter called Scooby who has some dumbell work outs. It's very very basic stuff, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.
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I've just started Scooby's stuff because I'm finding dumbbell exercises a bit less intimidating than big compound barbell type lifts. His videos are exhaustive, comprehensive and pretty entertaining in a loopy sort of way. I'd second the recommendation.
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