How do I return this rental car since I can't drive?
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I have a rental car that's due back this morning. But I injured my back yesterday, and I can't drive without a ton of pain. My boyfriend could drive it, but I am the only driver on the rental agreement. What should I do?
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Best answer: Call the place you rented it from and ask them.
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I would have my boyfriend drive it back while I sat in the passenger seat, and then I would make a point to be the one who handed the keys back to the rental folks. But the least-risky option is to call the rental company to see what their preference is.
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Thirding call them and ask. They might be able to send someone out to get it.
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Response by poster: They said it's fine if my boyfriend returns it. Phew!
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Typically, anything that could conceivably count as an emergency (and I'd say not being able to drive counts) allows people not listed on the rental agreement and not qualified as an authorized operator (that would be a spouse or domestic partner) to drive the car.

BTW, if your boyfriend lives with you and has the same address on his license as you do, that counts as domestic partnership for Hertz and Avis/Budget, so he can drive the car any time, and even return it without you.
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Response by poster: That is good to know for the future! Thanks.

The car has been returned, and I have been to the doctor. Hooray all around!
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