Pan-European Mobile Phone?
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I need a mobile phone/SIM plan that will allow me to cross an international border every day. Someone told me that she paid €100/month for a plan with unlimited data, no roaming within the area encompassing the EU and Schengen, calls and texts all included. Unfortunately I can't find this mythical plan online. Does anyone know of an inclusive plan that allows users to cross borders within the region(s) without going to roaming?
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If you get a plan with Three you can roam across a fair number of countries for no extra charge

Their "unlimited" data is really 25GB and here are the sim only plans.
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It'll probably help if you can name your home country. I was thinking of posting emilyw's link to 3 UK's plans, but was assuming if you're going abroad every day you're not in Britain (if you're traveling between the two jurisdictions in Ireland daily, you have quite a lot of choices).

I suspect an operator in your home country will have a better plan than any specialist international SIM provider would for long term contracts with full included EU roaming.
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It'll probably help if you can name your home country.

There will be a lot of (nearly daily) travel between France and Switzerland, and also a bit of travel within other Schengen countries. I may go to the UK from time to time but it's not a priority in terms of phone coverage.
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I'm English living in France, and my last UK contact change with Orange lets me use my phone in Europe for the same price as in the UK.
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And actually I'm now with EE in the UK as they bought Orange.

Think this is the plan I'm on.
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This should be pretty easy to find if you walk into a mobile store in France or Switzerland. I had a plan from T-Mobile in the Netherlands. I paid something like 16 euro/month over the monthly contract for seamless data in Schengen countries and I think my total bill was still only 60/month or so.
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It looks as if the best offer from the French operators is Bouygues's at €49.99 a month with a 24 month contract. SFR has a €69.99 tariff which has unlimited worldwide roaming. Orange's is similar to SFR's, and Free doesn't list any obvious roaming options for Switzerland. I didn't dig into what the Swiss operators offer, which might be worth it.
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Thanks for all the great suggestions! I will be going with SFR.
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