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Has there been any contestant on a singing or dancing TV competition that has performed something "nerdy", such as songs from video games, cartoons, or Internet media? The one example I can think of is a Dancing with the Stars routine to Super Mario.
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Another dancing with the stars - Joey Fatone doing the tango to a star wars remix
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Four computer nerds calling themselves Hard Drive won the Gong Show (twice) with their song "Engineer's Rap".
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There's Stacy Hedger, who played the Star Wars theme on trumpet during a beauty pageant.
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It's not exactly nerdy, but one of the contestants on American Idol this season wore the Internet-breaking dress.
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Can't believe I'm forever linking my mefi name to Jedward, but they did perform the Ghostbusters Theme on the X-Factor in the UK.
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I think the one time I watched one of these shows (Idol?), there was a girl dressed as Princess Leia. Forget what she did though.
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Are you strictly confining this to video games, cartoons, and Internet memes? Because there's always The Carlton Moment from that very same season.

If you are - Internet memes may be a little too "new", so that may be tough to find.
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Diva Dance from The Fifth Element on The Voice?
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Response by poster: Anything associated with nerd or pop culture works!
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Response by poster: And the Game of Thrones theme on DWTS.
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Response by poster: OK, the crew at DWTS must all be giant nerds, because I just found What Does The Fox Say and Gangnam Style.
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Yet another one from DWTS: Elizabeth Berkley recreates her Saved By The Bell caffeine pill freakout.
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Dalek imitation/song on Britain's Got Talent
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