How can I boost my portfolio ranking on Google?
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I currently pay for a Cargo membership, but my ranking is really terrible even though I have a steady stream of visitors according to Google Analytics. Do I have to switch over to something custom like Wordpress (or any other service), or can I boost my ranking with some low-cost tricks?
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Cargo, as in this site builder?

It's not the worst site builder I've ever seen but it isn't doing you any favours either. Can you post a link to your actual site in your profile so people can look at your site specifically?

By ranking, do you mean PageRank? Because that is about inbound links, not about... anything else.
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The best way to boost your Google ranking last I heard was to produce regular high-quality content related to the terms you want to rank for. That's what the algorithm seems to be desired to reward, details aside.
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Double-check your Google Analytics traffic sources because lately there's been a huge increase in what they call "ghost referrals," or spam sites that spoof hundreds of visits to your site without even accessing the server. Here are some examples of the worst offenders:

This is a huge problem right now with Google Analytics and they have done pretty much nothing to stop it. More keep popping up every day. So your traffic might not be what you think it is.
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