Is it possible to print black ink over gold on an invitation?
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I need to print invitations and the design I have has a couple gold starbursts behind black text. The lines are thin, and I'm told this means thermography/foil stamping/letterpress won't really work. I'd be fine with just digitally printing it but how hard is it to make sure it actually looks gold tone and not brown or yellow? Who can print this for me?

Snowflakey details: I'm in NYC though could order from wherever. This needs to be done and delivered within ~2 weeks. I need a run of 200 cards. I'm intrigued by the idea of using a metallic ink and offset printing but wary of cost and not sure how to find someone who could do it. Problem in NYC is too many print shops, no way to filter, so personal recommendations are appreciated.
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Can you show us the design?
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Actually, foil stamping will work. It just means really tight registration so that it looks like the gold is behind the black. The foil would have voids where the black would print.

The better option would be running black and a gold metallic ink on the same press.

Either way, foil or gold ink, your costs are going to be higher than a simple digital print. But, of course, you aren't going to be able to get "gold" on a digital print. Any attempts to mimic the look of gold foil or ink always end up looking pretty bad.
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They have food metallic digital inks now, just find a high end printer nearby.
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No ink is really going to compare to foil.
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