How do I get rid of junk html on my Lycos website?
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"Undefined" appears at the top of the website?

I've had this free website for a few years; I migrated it to Lycos when Tripod merged with that company. I've had no problems, until after a recent edit the words "undefined" appear in the upper right hand corner, and the .jpg file number appears atop one photo at the bottom of the website. I haven't figured out how to remove these stray texts. Can any of you savvy website techs help me out? Many thanks in advance!
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Response by poster: Here's the link.
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Response by poster:
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If I am seeing what you are seeing, then the "Undefined" appears to be caused by AdBlock. I actually looked at the page without AdBlock enabled, and I must say that I prefer "undefined". The working link appears to be
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Mod note: Fixed the link now, I think.
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Response by poster: Thanks to both of you. It must be the adblock. I suspended adblock on my computer and saw all the ads---I may consider upgrading to get rid of them.
There is still the matter of the .jpg file number appearing at the bottom right of the page?
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There are no images for me; just a blank white page with the message and link:
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Ah, whoops. Hadn't seen that your original link had been corrected. The image number looks to be something from the page CSS.
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You probably could just edit out that .jpg filename in the source code. (Just search on it and delete the text that reads [div class="dragLabel"]617330.jpg[/div], except with angle brackets instead of square ones.)

But I'm assuming you use some kind of tool to edit your page, so could you maybe search around there and just see if you can find the text 617330.jpg and remove it from wherever it's showing up there.

You can message me if you'd like, and I could see if I can help you figure it out.
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The 617330.jpg is a label. You can find it as described above and possibly just delete it. Or you can replace it with a description you prefer. If you know nothing about handcoding a page, it might be safer and easier to search for it and replace the text. That probably makes it less likely that you will do something that messes up the html.

Make sure you do not edit the link to the picture or it will remove the picture. The string 617330.jpg appears twice in the source code, once after the div "dragLabel" and once in the middle of the link to the picture. You want to only remove or edit the piece that occurs after the div "dragLabel." If you do that, you should be fine.
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Response by poster: Done, and done. Thanks to all for my cleaned-up site!
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