Feminist writing that's recent AND not under traditional copyright
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I'm looking for interesting feminist texts of any kind (poems, prose, speeches...) that are not under traditional copyright in the U.S. and are from the last few decades. So, most will be 1) works prepared by a U.S. government employee as part of that person's official duties (such as any politician's speeches written by govt employees), or 2) anything the author CC-licensed or otherwise released outside traditional copyright. Very broad definition of feminist / female-positive. Especially great would be any intersections between feminist and anti-racist or anti-war ideas.
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The material on the Geek Feminism Wiki is available under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.
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London Feminist is a CC-BY 3.0 licensed blog.
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Here's a search for feminism (see also) on The Conversation, a general interest website that accepts articles from folks affiliated with universities / research institutions and publishes them with a CC BY-ND license.
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