RV insurance pointers - medium term living.
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I know a lot of people have asked questions about RV's and living but we're having a specific issue: We will have an RV (Class A) as our sole transportation and accommodation as we move from Canada to the US. Insurance seems to be a sticking point.

- RV is registered and will remain so in the US only (NY).
- We will only have the RV - no extra car (complexity, cost:daily and cost:initial purchase)
- We can get liability insurance for almost bugger all ($61 for 6 months) but this is legal minimum and leaves me with little confidence at that price we'd see anything other than preventing being arrested if we had a crash (ie it's only a legal minimum and not any kind of insuring of our stuff or vehicle).
- We will have a lot of stuff in the RV (despite carrying a minimum that we can get away with) and I'd like to insure it.
- Trip length is across the US (Toronto initially, then East coast, Florida and then across to California). Approximate duration of 2-3 months.
- We are expecting to be back in a proper house inside 6 months but maybe having the RV longer than that (TBD).

The main road block is that anything other than the most basic bare minimum insurance seems to be only available to us if we also have a car (and insure it with them). Is this a real road block, or are we asking the right questions/people? How do we get reasonable levels of insurance for this trip? I'd like insurance to cover fixing the RV if we crash it or some idiot bounces off us, and also something if we get broken into (or if all our crap is sprayed across the highway and flattened if we have an accident).

What are out options if we won't have an additional vehicle to insure? We can't call Ghostbusters, so who *do* we call?
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Check-out RVlinks.com: a RV Resource site with Motorhome related Products & Services. I searched within the site for insurance and a couple of potentially useful pages came up.
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I just asked my husband and if you have homeowners insurance or renters insurance* it covers your belongings worldwide and would cover the contents of your RV in the event of an accident. Could you get either of those plans?

*This is State Farm specific advice, he's an agent there. I have no idea about other companies.
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I can't speak to insuring the contents(which ugh, would probably be a nightmare to deal with whether it was homeowners insurance or some kind of full coverage RV insurance), but geico didn't even ask about my car insurance which i had cancelled when i called to inquire about insuring my converted bus-rv-thing. They offered me multiple levels of insurance, not just the minimum.

I'd be very wary of doing the homeowners insurance thing if you don't have an apartment/house while you're doing this, that seems like a really easy way for them to go "HA, GOTCHA!" and deny coverage. Whatever plan you get, you need to be very clear that this is your only vehicle and you don't have a house while you're doing it.

As a random idea, and there are downsides to this, would it be possible to have one of your parents/siblings insure it and add you as drivers, then have you pay the whole bill? I know several people who do things like this. They do NOT need to have the vehicle registered to them to insure it, at least in some states.
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