Is there a routing number for ADP Health Care FSA?
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I have a Health Care FSA and a card that I use when I visit the doctor. I would like to do online bill pay through my FSA (pre tax) but the online forms require a routing number and account number. I have not been able to find any routing number when asking my employer. Is it possible to pay medical bills online using the FSA card, or, do I need to use my regular checking account then file a claim for the amount?
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Every medical bill I have ever received, whether online or in paper mail, has had an option to pay by credit card, especially given that lots of people can't afford to pay the full medical bill out of checking. Your FSA card should be able to be used as a credit card - this is how I pay my medical bills.

If you don't see this option, call the billing dept for your doctor and tell them you need to pay by credit card.
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I have paid online medical bills many, many times with my FSA card, from two separate FSA administrators. The card is treated like a regular credit card at the time of "purchase" or payment of medical bills, with a card number, expiration date and security code that "real" credit cards have, which allows you to make online payments.

You should be able to do the same. If not, call the FSA administration company for clarification. You will likely need to send the same documentation, however, so that aspect will probably not change. But you won't have to debit from your regular bank account.
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Response by poster: To clarify, there is no pay by cc option. A routing number is required.
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Best answer: If there is not a credit card option online, you are probably going to have to either pay yourself and file a claim or call the doctors office and use your FSA card like a credit card. The money you contribute doesn't go into a separate account just for your use only so I doubt they will give you the routing number for that holding account since it is used by ALL the participants in your plan. The FSA card or a filed claim allows them to track who uses what money so they can keep talley of what you personally have left as opposed to Joe Blow next desk over. If it was just deducted from the account from some random doctor that would get really messy.
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