Reno for the weekend...for the non-gambling man
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Spontaneously decided to book a hotel in Reno for this coming weekend. Not big gamblers by any means. What else can/should we do?

I stupidly was thinking it would be warm enough there to be outside by a pool but a quick weather check corrected that thought. We are a couple, in our 30s, like to have fun and try new things. Not interested in making this a liver-killing weekend, but we will for sure get some cocktails at night. Really open to anything just not sure what to do with ourselves during the day. Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated!
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Go to the car museum!
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The Midtown District, definitely!
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Looks like the Midtown link is down right now. Try it later.
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Basque food.

Are you considering going to Tahoe? I think you should if you haven't been there.
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How about a drive to Virginia City for a day trip? You can visit the mine or just check out the town itself.
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The Reno Art museum is pretty good. It's right across the river from downtown. The walk along the river is very nice too. On Sierra Street, just a block or so from the river, there is an enormous antique mall that can easily kill some time if you're into that sort of thing.

North of town, there's a wild animal rehab facility, Animal Ark.

You also might consider spending the day in Virginia City. It's a little touristy, but still has the feel of an old mining town. There are also mine tours there you can take.

Food-wise, the Pho place in the ElDorado is very good (but Americanized, I'm sure), and La Strada is excellent.
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Carson City is a half hour away. On the way there/back is Washoe Lake . If you're there at sunrise or sunset you may see deer.
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Response by poster: Thank you all! Going to Tahoe in a few weeks so don't want to do that this time. Love the Animal Ark idea! Def up for driving a little outside the city area.
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I didn't recommend Animal Ark because I went and was, frankly, repulsed. It's owned by people who want to keep wild animals enclosed for their own enjoyment. But that's just my opinion. YMMV.
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Go to the North shore of Lake Tahoe, and eat breakfast at the old Post Office in Carnelian Bay. Then go on to see Emerald Bay area, very beautiful. There are some great boutique restaurants on the North Shore. That lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Get close enough to see how clear it is.

Check on the web to make sure the Old Postie is still open.
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There's good hiking around Reno. Mayberry Park is one example.
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Another vote for Carson City. If you're up for a fine dining experience try Adele's.
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Get breakfast at Peg's Glorified Ham And Eggs. And cocktails at Death and Taxes.
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I know you said you weren't looking for a liver-killing weekend, but there are a fair number of breweries in Reno, including St. James Brasserie, Pigeon Head Brewing (lagers!), Under The Rose, StoneyHead, and Great Basin.

If you like coffee, I recommend either Hub coffee or Bibo Cafe. Hub roasts their own and bibo uses a local roaster, Kolika.

I like the drive down to Minden, too.
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Former Reno native here... definitely check out the Auto Museum and the Art Museum. They're up there with some of the best museums in the country.

If you go to Virginia City, wear your longjohns... if it's chilly in Reno, it will be downright cold (and windy) up there. It's still a fun jaunt.

There's some good shopping at the Sparks Outlet mall (and also tons of dining and a very nice IMAX movie theatre there). That's located right on the edge of the Sparks Marina. While you're in the neighborhood, check out the Sparks Museum on Victorian Avenue.

Good watering holes are Brasserie St. James, Ceol Irish pub, and the Chocolate Bar... If you're up for some great food, try the tapas at Fuego, the Chinese cuisine at Palais de Jade, the Basque at Louis' Basque Corner, or Ijji (there are now 3 of them) for teppanyaki and/or sushi.

Sorry about the weather... It was in the 70s a couple of weeks ago, but that's northern NV for ya! Have fun!!
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