I'm dorky enough to wear the bracer.....
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So, Thinkgeek's EnCounter - Wearable Interactive Quest real life RPG/stat toy isn't real.... but what is?


I want something similar. What are my options?
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HabitRPG is the real life version of this.
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You might enjoy Ingress.
posted by neushoorn at 7:37 AM on April 2, 2015

The games and apps from Six to Start, the makers of Zombies, Run!
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Apple Watch + Healthkit?
posted by oceanjesse at 10:17 AM on April 2, 2015

I swear several things like this have been made for the pebble(including the pip boy one, which even included leveling up) but i can never remember what silly non-infringing names they were given.
posted by emptythought at 2:19 PM on April 2, 2015

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