How do I find this ebook?
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Please help me find this book! Preferably as an e-book.

I desperately need to consult The Postcolonial Exotic by Graham Huggan. My university library has lost it (University of Toronto) and it doesn't live at any city library in Toronto. It is available as an ebook on, but I don't have university access to this site. Are there any other academic sites that I may be able to access through my uni to read this book? Can you find it anywhere else? Please help!
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Not an e-book, exactly, but it's in google print.
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Can your university library do interlibrary loans? Maybe another affiliated library has it in.
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Also you've got it for Amazon Seach Inside.

Both of the those services will let you view about 25 pages before they decide that you've had enough on their copyright dime. So at 300 pages, hey, all you need is six dummy Gmail accounts for Google books and six separate credit card accounts for Amazon (or 12 or 12, mix it up to your liking).
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Have you tried posting one of those little comment forms at Robarts? They post the replies on a bulletin board and from what I remember they comments and replies always went like "I need such and such a book and yours is lost" "Ok, we ordered another one."
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Oh, and you know you can use pretty much any Ontario university library, right? U of T is the only one that doesn't allow students from other universities.
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Thanks...I'm actually registered at a British university, so can't use other Ontario libraries, (I have very limited access to U of T as alumni) but I'll talk to the Robarts folk anyway.
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Also, I'm pretty sure Metro Reference does inter-library loan, as well.
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Most university libraries will allow any community member to use their library in person. You can't check it out, but you may sit and read the book. If the library in question has only an electronic copy (University of Western Ontario, Trent, Guelph, Ryerson, or Brock) you may generally sit in their library and view the electronic copy (remote access is reserved for their students). You should probably call before you go to make sure that this is the case at the one you choose, but more most universities operate this way (UBC does).

Also, York's copy is due soon, and so may come back. McMaster's copy appears to be in, but they may simply not display usage information. In any case, if you call many places will check to see if a copy really is there.

Interlibrary Loan can also be fairly speedy -- a matter of a week or two, depending upon where the book needs to be mailed from. (Some libraries combine the ILL forms with request to buy forms -- you may at least want to let them know that you don't care how they get it for you, whichever of those works for them.)
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