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I'm on honeymoon in Dubai at the moment. Dubai is in the midst of a huge dust storm. What's fun to do in Dubai that's indoors? Any nice bars/restaurants that aren't largely outdoors or on rooftops? We're both freaking out that our honeymoon is going to be a total bust.

(To add an extra level of difficulty we've been here once before and have done most of the touristy things.)
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You've probably already seen this, but: Top things to do indoors | Time Out Dubai

Assuming that you're staying in a hotel, I'd hit up your concierge for suggestions - that's precisely what they're there for.

Enjoy your honeymoon, and remember, there's always, erm, indoor sports.

Also, kudos on the tags. Very nice.
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Have you done the indoor skiing thing? That's always kind of fascinated me.
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I went indoor skiing while there a few years ago. It's fun for the novelty, but there are generally a lot of teenagers around. I bought a 2-hour pass and left after an hour and a half.
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The dust storm has largely died down, but go to a long boozy buffet brunch on Friday morning. Almost all hotels have them, and you can eat and drink for the whole afternoon.

Fast and the Furious 7 just came out, and a bit of it was shot in the UAE. Buy the expensive luxury tickets and get the "4-DX" experience.

Go gallery hopping at Alserkal Avenue (not really an avenue) in Al Quoz.

The Sharjah Biennial is on view until June. You'd have to walk between a bunch of buildings, but it's good if you want to see another emirate.

I think dune bashing would be pretty fun, even if there's a dust storm. There's also going to the spa, the malls, the souks, etc.

As mentioned above, Timeout is a good resource. I also like Cherrypick.
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