Can you recommend any games for Mac similar to Myst?
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That's basically the question. I'm not a gamer AT ALL but decades ago I enjoyed two games, Ceremony of Innocence and Myst and haven't played since. I'm now in the possession of a new three day old 13 " MacBook Pro and thought I'd take advantage of the retina graphic aspect of it with a visually stunning game. Games with riddles and puzzles and stories like the above, the first one in particular are the only ones I've enjoyed. Do you know of any others?
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Best answer: Myst was a series (fifth-word).

The Room (and The Room 2) would be exactly what you're looking for, but I think it's iPad only. A lot of production for these sorts of games seems to happen on tablets nowadays.

Oh I did remember a few more! Machinarium, Botanicula, anything by Amanita Design (though there's not much else).

You might like Sword & Sworcery, I think it's pretty but you have to be able to appreciate pixel art.

Thomas Was Alone? It has a really strong story and sense of place, but its visuals are... pared down. It's also more arcade-y than anything else I've said so far, you could have trouble just trying to move around if you have don't have videogame platformer experience.

Getting farther afield, maybe you might appreciate Infinifactory? It's a bit more cartoony in style, and far more toybox-brain-twister than puzzley-world based. Again you might have problems with the controls if you've never encountered FPS-like controls before.

The Stanley Parable! Primordia! Maybe even Portal (2)!

I will be watching the heck out of this thread.
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Proteus is a pleasantly cryptic and explorable experience worth visiting if you like the "placeness" of Myst as much as the puzzles.
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Response by poster: Oh, I have an iPad too! I will welcome any suggestions that work for that and you're correct in assuming I have no coordination or clue regarding controls in how to move around in most current games. If it's too hard quite frankly I just won't bother. Point and click or something just as easy hopefully. Ok, I'll bow out now.
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You will like everything by Amanita Design, as rec'd above. Unfortunately there's not nearly as much available for Mac as for PC, but you should install Steam and poke around. Look at the Point & Click + Puzzle tag results.

The most recent game I played that made me feel like Myst was Fract OSC, which looks really modern and weird but if you think of it like Tron but lonely + no death + the power of music, it gets less unwieldy and more enveloping.

Here are two previous AskMes with game recs that might be of interest to you - they have different platform requirements but you can search and find out which things are available on what quite easily these days:
I'm starting to feel like I'm missing out on an important part of pop culture by not being much of a video gamer. Where do I even start?
Slow-paced, no-death video games?
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Oh here is another AskMe that will have good suggestions for you, more recent, too: Clever, low-stress, RSI-friendly, eyecandy puzzle-adventure type games?
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The Talos Principle should be right up your alley: good puzzles, strong story element, visually beautiful and an with an abandoned world vibe somewhat similar to (but clearly different from) Myst. Best game I've played all year.
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Best answer: Oh, I have an iPad too! I will welcome any suggestions that work for that...

Well, then, definitely get The Room and The Room 2. They are great games, and playing them will prepare you for The Room 3, which should be out this summer.
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It's not exactly high-def, but I'm fond of Kairo, which is kinda Mysty in terms of mystery/exploration.

Also, it's not out yet, but keep an eye on The Witness.
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The Talos Principle

Came in to say this. It's on sale in the Steam store, too.
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Gone Home
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Response by poster: Thanks for the great titles, I'm going to start with The Room and then work my way through the other suggestions. If you don't hear from me for a few weeks, you'll know where I am!
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Not sure if anyone mentioned it, but the MYST reboot is on the iOS store as well as on steam: iOS MYST -- STEAM MYST -- i second anything by AMANITA. Also, bought the remake of Grim Fandango on steam as well. Lot's of goodies. If you go to steams website you can search for point and clicks. Also check out Axel and Pixel! (All of these are available for PC/MAC)...
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