What kind of bug is this? Does it also wield the power of telekinesis?
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I found a weird looking bug in the bathroom that didn't kick the bucket when I nailed him with a magazine. What is this hardy creature? Link to pics inside.

Found this guy hanging out near the bathroom sink. I thwapped him with a rolled up copy of the April issue of Bicycling which caused it to drop to the floor, but the blow was not fatal. It met a swirling, watery vortex of death in my toilet. At least, I assume it died in the plumbing. Or perhaps I just created my archenemy...

(This post makes me sound pretty murderous, but really, I just don't like insects in my house.)

I don't recall ever seeing a bug like this before, certainly not one tough enough to withstand the direct impact of a few hundred thousand words about derailleurs and energy bars.

Any cause for alarm, or an exterminator?
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Best answer: Stinkbug. Do not squish. You will regret it.
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Best answer: Brown marmorated stink bug?
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Best answer: Yep, that's a stink bug.
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Pick it up gently with a square of toilet paper and drop it in the toilet. Flush.

(My in-laws in Virginia have been suffering an infestation for some time, and when we visit, this is how we deal with the bugs, so as not to cause stinkiness. They don't bite or sting, and will not stink if handled gently.)
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Now that you've seen one be prepared to see a lot more. I have them in my office nearly every day. I just pick them up and throw them out the window.
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It was going to say it looks like a dock bug to me, but it seems they don't live in North America. Still, am leaving this here for any Europeans, Asians or North Africans who might happen this way one day in the future with a similar-shaped bug in their home!
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Yes, it is a stink bug. Now that it is starting to warm up they tend to appear. I pick them up and flush them.
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Best answer: On your exterminator question. I have never heard of a stinkbug infestation happening indoors. Almost certainly he came in from outside. You might see more, but they will have come from outdoors as well.

No exterminator required.
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Stink bug, or some similar-looking member of the family Pentatomidae. A crop pest, but harmless in your house. Almost definitely wandered in from outdoors. I would just coax it onto my hand (use a sheet of paper if you're squeamish) and put it back outside where it belongs.
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Never heard of a stinkbug infestation happening indoors?!?!! I don't have them in my house very often...(yay brick and good windows!), but here in the Ohio River Valley...folks will find hundreds at a time in rooms, especially after large temperature fluxuations. There are numerous traps that have made the facebook rounds. The simplest is an clear water bottle with the top cut off, partially full of water, with an LED underneath. They come to the light, and drown.
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