What's a comfortable recliner for a tall person?
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I would like to relax, read, and watch movies in a nice chair, rather than my bed. I'm looking for a reclining armchair with lower-back support that's sized for somebody who's 6'1".

My parents have looked for similar chairs without much success. They have a number of recliners and a mission-style chair, but none of them really offer decent back support, and they seem to be designed for shorter people — my shoulders seem to rest where my neck is supposed to go.

Using a pillow to support my lower back hasn't been very satisfactory. Aside from feeling like a kludge, it's hard to find a pillow that's thin enough and stays in the right place.

I don't have lower back problems, but it is something I notice when I sit in recliners, especially when I'm tired. Part of this may be that it's something my father often complains about, so I'm very aware of it.

I would prefer a chair that isn't overstuffed or overly wide. I'm flexible on price and style.

Chair sugestions, places to look, and even things to watch out for would all be much appreciated!
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This is going to sound odd, but you might consider one of the reclining gliders that are marketed mostly to nursing moms. They are typically not too overstuffed or squishy (to facilitate getting out of the chair while holding a baby) and the backs are intended to be high enough so that you can let your head loll back in exhaustion in the middle of the night and still be supported. Many of these come with a gliding footstool instead of a footrest that raises when you recline, but a lot do come in recliner format if that's what you prefer. Ours came from Dutailier. My husband (6'2") and myself (5'10") thought the back rest was perfect.
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Some of Relax the Back's "zero gravity" recliners come in tall sizes. Might need to be ordered through a b&m location.
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My husband's 6'4" and my mom's 5'3" and they both found an Ekornes Stressless Recliner model that fit them. They are pricey. You'll want to find a store that has a large selection to try out different sizes and styles.
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5'11" and I also love our stressless recliners with footrests.
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The Ekornes is what I was going to suggest. I don't own one (sadly) but I have spent some hours sitting in them and they are the only recliner that I have ever experienced that was correctly sized for a tall person.
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My 6' 8" father in law loves his Stressless with a footrest. I'm 6' 0" and like it too.
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